• Providing Ultra

    high-quality machining
  • Certified

    ISO 9001 Compliant
  • All Equipment Calibrated

    to IAW ANSI 20.20

Eisenworks Services

The Capabilities You Seek

Our capabilities provide practical solutions to a wide range of customer needs, including:
Machining, Plastic, Brackets, Reflectors, Lamp Bases, Panels, Heat Sinks, Bar Stock

Mechanical Assembly

Helicoils, Threaded Inserts, Riveting


Superior Machining Services. Superior Customer Value. Turning Precisio...


Programming Onsite Programmer Mastercam SOLIDWORKS CAMWorks Ability to...


Certified ISO 9001 Compliant Calibration per ANSI Z540. Final Inspecti...

5-Axis Milling


The Equipment to Do the Job Right. Cutting Edge Technology Yields Unma...


With Over 90 years of combined experience in precision machining, mech...

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